Aim Tech Engineering Solution Pvt. Ltd.

AIM TECH ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is a recognized An ISO 9001:2015 Certified engineering solutions provider company, expertised in manufacturing of the specialized foundation bolt as per customer specification & Drawings, Industrial Fasteners, Forging Components, incorporated with a vision to be known as the leading suppliers in the projects, engineering and infrastructure industry.

Foundation Bolts manufacturing company in India

Technology based services, incorporated with a vision to be known as the Leading in the Application and Service Industry. Because of its strong credentials, values and process based operations in a short span of time, AIM TECH has earned respect amongst its peers and strongly established itself as a leading solution provider company in FASTENERS, FOUNDATION BOLTS

Aim tech established as a leading & growing manufacturer and supplier of specialised fasteners, Foundation bolts, sheet metal components, Forging and Casting Items. We are providing the services to different kind of product & project kind of industries like Pre-engineering building solution, Dairy, Cement, Sugar, Steel Mills, Tele-communication and infrastructure Industry. Our workmanship are supported with designed, quality and engineering excellence team. We have established high technology infrastructure to cater to engineering Challenges.

Our vast experience in the field of heavy & light duty Anchoring solutions, Specialized fasteners, Forging and casting. We offer wide variety of fabrication solutions to various electrical, mechanical, dairy and chemical energy and allied industries. Our extensive state of the art facilities & full fledged manufacturing facilities empowers us in detail engineering, manufacturing on turnkey basis with best of quality and cost- effectiveness.

Vision Mission


We at Aim-Tech are manufacturers, stockiest, importer and dynamic emerging Company of High Quality Fastener products to cater for diverse Industrial needs.
With rich experience in the industry, Aim-Tech has transformed the expertise into reality for delivering the product required by customer. With proper communication with our customers we are able to provide our Best service & Prompt delivery each time.

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IEC NUMBER : 3108000187 Date - 02/04/2008 

MSME No : 270251109225

Udyam Regd. No. UDYAM-MH-26-54141

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